Cape Argus PnP Cycle Tour Trophies held up high by 2014's Winners

For the second year in a row, the coveted Cape Argus trophies have been made by none other than Carrol Boyes. Designed by Holly Birkby for Carrol Boyes, these one-of-a-kind trophies are traesured by the winners of the 2014 race.

Carrol Boyes said "It was a great honour as a Capetonian and artist to be asked to design the trophy for The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour.

I am proud to have witnessed the inception of the Tour in the first year that I made my home in Cape Town and, with pure delight, have watched it grow in strength and numbers. It is also close to my heart as many of my staff and family members have participated in the race over the years.

I live alongside the last part of the route and I make a point of being outside on that Sunday morning just before 9:00am to see the winners come through and later in the day to encourage the weary ones across the finishing line." 


Holly Birkby for Carrol Boyes

About the designs

“When I started researching for the design, I was impressed by the beauty and uniqueness of the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France trophies and how remarkable they are as works of art.

I thought it would be great to create a striking trophy that would be unusual and would capture a little of the dynamism and spectacle of the thousands of cyclists encircling Cape Town on the day of the race.” -Holly Birkby


The organizers of the event envisioned a trophy which would include the iconography of cyclists, Table Mountain, and of the natural beauty and flora and fauna for which Cape Town is famous.

The round shape of the design references the form of spinning bicycle wheels and also refers to the circular route, and the coming together of competitors from around the country and the globe.

It consists of three layers; the front two layers showing the multiple cyclists, and the back layer depicting the silhouettes of some mountains along the route, from Table Mountain past Constantiaberg, Simon’s Town, Hout Bay’s Hangklip and so on back to Table Mountain. The cyclists are shown travelling along in the same direction.

Stylized king proteas are also cut into the back plate (and a few penguins!). They represent the local flora and fauna the route is known for. The stylization of the proteas was influenced by the shapes of sprockets.

On the women’s trophy, the protea shapes on the back plate extend beyond the boundaries of the circular outline, creating a lacier, more floral effect which might be interpreted as more feminine.


The thinness and openwork nature of the laser-cut stainless steel allows for relative lightness, and the polished material and process echo the more industrial aesthetic of bicycle construction.

About the Designer:

Artist and designer Holly Birkby originally trained as a jeweller and lectured for several years at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in the Jewellery Department.

More recently she worked at Bronze Age Art Foundry where she learnt more about metal casting and fabrication on a larger scale.

Her background in metals and design led her to Carrol Boyes in 2007 where she works as an artist’s assistant and product designer. She favours designs which are simple but also have an element of surprise or humour and her work usually reflects her wide range of interests, from mid-century modern design to children’s book illustration, plants and the South African urban environment.

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